The only time we will see the Chance The Rapper's "4'' hat is in the Spiderverse


Fans of artist Chance The Rapper will get a special treat this weekend if they head to see the new Marvel animated feature Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. Not just because the movie was surprisingly entertaining, but also the fact that it features a poster of Chance wearing his signature…’4’ hat?

Chance The Rapper

Those that follow the musician know that the 3 hat Chance always wears started off as a nod to Coloring Book being his third mixtape, but has evolved into a symbol that is synonymous with the rapper. Almost every time you see him in a photo he’s wearing the hat. It has stopped being just an advertisement, and is become part of his brand. He says “I’ve rationalized it to myself that it stands for the third mixtape, the Holy Trinity, and the three-pronged family of myself, my daughter, and my girl.”

Seeing as it started as an acknowledgement of his third mixtape it’s logical to wonder what happens when he drops the next one? In an interview on The Joe Budden Podcast he is asked about changing the design and he makes it clear the 3 is here to stay.

Rory: Wait, so what happens when 4 comes? Do we switch to a 4 hat?
Chance: No
Rory: We just stay with the 3?
Chance: Yeah
— The Joe Budden Podcast

With that in mind fast forward to the room of introverted artist Miles Morales, the one and only spider-man. The camera pans up and we see a poster of what looks to be the Coloring Book album art, except Chance is rocking a 4 on the hat. This can be a new album, Miles’ own sketch, or (Spoiler Alert*) the album art in a dimension close to ours where Chance didn’t create the logo until his fourth album. No matter what the reason it was yet another cool easter-egg for his fans to enjoy.

Chance the Rapper Spider-verse